Insightful Leaders:

Business Acumen and Engineering Expertise

At Advantech Wireless, our continuous innovation and ongoing growth is architected by a team of insightful leaders that understand our clients’ business requirements as well as the complexities of the technology we provide. Our leadership team is hands-on, with decades of experience designing and manufacturing revolutionary solutions that have helped clients achieve mission goals and business success. This trusted team of experts is comprised of the industry’s brightest minds with the proven ability to deliver value to clients.

David Gelerman

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. David Gelerman founded Advantech Wireless in 1988, serving initially as President and, since March 2006, as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Gelerman held various positions at Nortel Networks, including Manager of the Transmission Networks Division, where he managed and supervised teams who developed several key Point-to-Point (P2P) radio systems. Mr. Gelerman holds a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE), specializing in Wireless Communications and Broadcasting.

Cristi Damian

Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Cristi Damian joined Advantech Wireless in 1995 where he held various positions in Operations, Manufacturing, Sales, Engineering and Customer Support. Prior to Advantech Wireless, he acquired experience as a hardware engineer in various high-tech companies. Mr. Damian holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University.

Steve Richeson

Senior VP of Global Sales and Business Development.

Mr. Steve Richeson joined Advantech Wireless in 2015 and is responsible for the company’s global sales and marketing organization.  Mr. Richeson has over 25 years of Satellite and Radio Frequency (RF) experience in engineering and sales leadership roles at Harris Corporation, EchoStar, Scientific-Atlanta, GTE Spacenet International and RSi SATCOM Technologies. Mr. Richeson is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Registered Professional Engineer. Mr. Richeson earned his engineering degree at Georgia Tech and an MBA at Georgia State University.

John Landovskis

Vice President, PLM & Business Development, VSAT & Modem Products

Mr. John Landovskis has worked in the space industry for over 30 years. He has been involved in TDMA product development since 1981 first with Spar Aerospace and then with Comtel and ComStream. Mr. Landovskis was instrumental with his team in the development of the DVB-RCS standard. He assumed increasingly more senior positions and was the CTO for EMS Satellite Networks when it was acquired by Advantech Wireless.  At Advantech Wireless Mr. Landovskis has led the development of numerous innovative products.  He is Member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Post Graduate courses in Management, from McGill University in Montreal.

Assaf Cohen

General Manager Satellite Networks Business Unit

Mr. Assaf Cohen joined Advantech Wireless in 2015. Mr. Cohen has extensive experience in the Satellite industry starting in 2001 with Shiron Satellite Communication Ltd., serving in various positions, specializing in sales, marketing and business development. Mr. Cohen served as Senior Director of Business Development for the Satcom Division from Elbit Systems leading the development  of numerous innovative vertical oriented product solutions, among them, the Cellular Backhaul and Mobility niches.  Mr. Cohen holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Information Systems, and an Executive MBA in Marketing.

Mark Lambert

VP Sales and Marketing. Managing Director-Europe & Middle East/ Africa (EMEA)

Mr. Mark Lambert joined Advantech Wireless in 2002 and was appointed Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa in 2005. Mr. Lambert is responsible for our European operations as well as directing our worldwide marketing campaigns. Mr. Lambert holds a Master of Engineering Degree in Computer Systems and Software, from the University of York, and MBA degrees.

Jim Thomson

Vice President Engineering, VSAT, Modem, T800

Mr. Jim Thomson joined Advantech Wireless in 2001 as Senior Design Engineer, Modems, quickly moving to Vice President Engineering, New Products until his current role as Vice President Engineering, VSAT, MODEM, T800 Products.  Prior to Advantech Wireless, Mr. Thomson acquired a wealth of knowledge throughout his 20 years of service with Nortel Networks. He held many senior management positions, ending his tenor as Senior Manager, Manufacturing Networks. Mr. Thomson holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

Robert Petrucelli

Vice President, USA Sales

Mr. Robert Petrucelli joined Advantech Wireless in 2014. Mr. Petrucelli has over 25 years of experience as founder and leader for a company representing manufacturer’s hardware and software products. He has a broad background in Sales and Management in the Commercial and Government Telecommunications Industry. Mr. Petrucelli holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from SUNY Brockport, N.Y.

Gregory Litinsky

Regional  VP of  Russia & CIS

Mr. Gregory Litinsky joined Advantech Wireless in January 2016 and is responsible for company sales in Russia & CIS.  Mr. Litinsky has over 25 years of experience in International sales for Israeli and NA high-tech companies. This is grounded by field proven expertise in penetrating and developing sales in emerging markets, especially Russia & CIS, high ability of team building, managing of strategic accounts, establishing and managing of channel partners.  Mr. Litinsky holds an MBA from Kellogg Business School and a Masters & Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Stella Gelerman

Vice President, Administration and Corporate Affairs

Mrs. Stella Gelerman joined Advantech Wireless in 1995 and is responsible for developing and directing the Human Resources strategies and activities, including career development and the overall well being of the employees. Mrs. Gelerman has been instrumental in bringing together outstanding teams throughout the Company. Previous to her work at Advantech Wireless, Mrs. Gelerman has owned and successfully operated a retail business. Mrs. Gelerman holds a Master’s degree in Economics.

Alain Laplante

Corporate & General Counsel

Mr. Alain Laplante joined Advantech Wireless as Corporate and General Counsel in 2006. Prior to joining Advantech Wireless, Mr. Laplante held the positions of Director, Commercial Services with Rolls-Royce and General Counsel of Transat A.T. Mr. Laplante graduated from University of Montreal where he was granted a License in Law (L.L.L.). He holds a degree in Public Relations from the Management Department of McGill University.