Empowering Clients through Continuous Innovation

At Advantech Wireless, we’ve built an enduring legacy of excellence by designing and manufacturing cutting-edge terrestrial and satellite communications solutions that empower clients to achieve success, at the most economical cost of operation. From the front lines of combat in theaters around the globe, to the world’s most remote regions, to thriving metropolitan areas, Advantech Wireless solutions are consistently at the forefront, empowering people to share critical information faster and more reliably. Over the years, our innovative technologies have enhanced the communication capabilities of government agencies, military personnel, emergency response units, private corporations as well as internet, television and radio broadcast providers in over 150 countries. We have delivered equipment for thousands of ground systems, all with uncompromising quality. Our clients rely on Advantech Wireless to provide smarter solutions that deliver fast, reliable and secure communications anywhere in the world.

Leading the Industry with Consistent Growth

Over the years, Advantech Wireless has experienced rapid and consistent growth. In addition to designing innovative products that have revolutionized the industry, we’ve made significant business acquisitions, adding to our strengths, global presence and depth of services. The two most notable strategic acquisitions were Nortel’s microwave radio unit and Allgon, of Sweden. Coupled with ongoing product development, these acquisitions have given Advantech Wireless a complete portfolio for all facets of network support. Advantech Wireless’ acquisitions include:

Advantech Wireless’ acquisitions include:

  • Signal Processors Limited (UK) – 2001
  • ACT Wireless Inc. (USA) – 2001
  • SpaceBridge Semiconducter Corp – 2005
  • Allgon Microwave (Sweden) – 2005
  • EMS – Satellite Networks – 2006
  • UTTC – 2006
  • Northern Radio – 2006

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Over more than two decades of innovation, we’ve empowered clients to stay connected over mountains and oceans, through earthquakes and hurricanes and in the field of battle. Find out what we can do for you. Contact Us online today to learn more.