Replace your old tubes with Advantech Wireless GaN based HPAs

Replace TWTA with Advantech Wireless GaN-Based HPA

Solid State Amplifiers outperform TWTA in several ways: they provide more usable power, better linearity, intermod and phase noise performance, no need for linearizer and hence more reliability with less components.

Whether your application is DSNG, COTM vehicles, tracking antennas on ship vessels, teleports or DTH, Advantech Wireless has the most complete solution portfolio in the industry. For Small to Medium power our technology uses hybrid GaN-GaAs technology that allows us to double the RF power and reduce energy consumption by up to 50%! In addition, GaN exceeds by several orders of magnitude the performance of previous generation TWTA Technology, and has less temperature generation also therefore more reliability.

SSPAs based on LDMOS or GaAs technology continue to reign in for Medium to High Power. Ideal for Teleport or Video Uplinks.

In addition, Advantech Wireless provides soft-fail phase-combined systems, using either hybrid GaAs-GAN or GaAs Modules, to produce 1Kw+ power replacing and outperforming phase combined TWTA and even Klystron, ideal for DTH applications.

For example – you can replace your old 750 Watt TWTA with a 400 Watt GaN; a 400 TWTA can easily be replaced with a 200W GaN. Better performance. Solid State reliability. Better warranty!

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