Industry Leading Multiservice and Multi-Waveform VSAT Platform

Advantech Wireless ASAT II™ System and its’ unique 3D BoD™ and WaveSwitch™ technologies delivers best possible service, highest quality and most efficient bandwidth utilization.

Multi-Application Platform

  • Consumer Internet
  • SME and remote branch office connectivity
  • Industrial IoT and M2M applications
  • Enterprise networks
  • Trunk and cellular backhaul
  • Broadcast contribution and distribution
  • Mobile vehicular maritime and airborne applications
  • Tactical military and defense applications


Features and Benefits

  • 2nd generation ASAT™ System
  • Extensible to support hundreds of thousands terminals.
  • DVB-S2/S2X and RCS/RCS2 standards
  • RCSX™ Return Link technology encompassing improved efficiency
    DVB-RCS / RCS2 MF-TDMA, ASCPC™ near-SCPC MF-TDMA and true SCPC – all in a single shared dynamic bandwidth pool
  • ASAT II™ WaveSwitch™ 3D bandwidth-on-demand capacity assignment (SLA, demand and seamless waveform optimization) delivers optimum efficiency and network-utilization
  • Embedded PEP and QoS
  • True multi-service and multi-application operation


Future Proof

The ASAT II™ VSAT System developed to satisfy the most demanding operators’ needs. Built with flexibility and scalability in mind allowing operators running multi-application services.


Flexible to Perfectly Meets Your Markets and Applications

Driven by demand for broadband consumer, IIoT/M2M, enterprise, trunk and backhaul and mobile services for always higher throughputs with optimum efficiency, the Advantech Wireless ASAT II™ system was designed as a scalable multi-service platform configurable to support tens to hundreds of thousands broadband terminals. ASAT II™ support both GEO High-Throughput-Satellites (HTS) and wide-beam satellites.


ASAT II System Multiservice and Multi-Waveform VSAT Platform.




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