Advantech Wireless VSAT Solution Case Study

Adaptive Satellite Access Technology Second Generation (A-SAT-II) Platform Radically Minimizes CAPEX and OPEX Costs

Maximum satellite bandwidth efficiency and radical CAPEX and OPEX cost-savings

Advantech Wireless has noted while speaking with customers, that many need to make increasingly unpredictable demands on their network connections, particularly in the data capacity back from remote sites.

Advantech Wireless has achieved both flexibility and efficiency. We have built a multi-service system that can switch instantly between the relevant open standards, delivering the best performance at all times whatever the content, which means the best user experience at the lowest cost.

Minimize CAPEX and OPEX costs with Innovative Solutions

For more information on how Advantech Wireless’ Next Generation Discovery Adaptive Satellite Access Technology (A-SAT-II) can reduce costs and maximize satellite bandwidth efficiency, please visit our VSAT products or  Contact Us online