Freedom to Do Business Anywhere with Secure, High-Speed Connections

Global business communication extends far beyond the office walls. Today’s businesses require an infrastructure that will provide greater efficiency and lower operating costs, while generating new revenue streams. Organizations need a single, integrated IP network that merges voice, data and video and supports all business applications across the enterprise, anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s improving enterprise connectivity, increasing reliability and security of critical transactions or ensuring business continuity, Advantech Wireless will give your organization the freedom to connect anywhere in the world to meet your business needs and facilitate growth.

Smarter Broadband Connectivity with Satellite Technology

Organizations can benefit from Advantech Wireless’ Enterprise & Corporate solutions by using satellite technology as an alternative to terrestrial-based transmission systems. Satellites empower businesses with the freedom to support broadband transmissions between personnel based in remote areas. Our technologies enable advanced network solutions to provide private or secure data and voice networks. We make it possible to establish a complete network capable of interconnecting all VSATs to the desired network whether it is the Internet or a private facility.

Advantech Wireless - S-Band SSPA - Enterprise


September 5, 2014

Advantech Wireless - Transcend 800 Point-To-Point Microwave - Enterprise

Transcend 800 Point-To-Point

September 5, 2014

Advantech Wireless - Discovery A-SAT Hub - Enterprise

Discovery 100 A-SAT Hub

September 5, 2014

Our smarter solutions support business applications including:

  • Internet access
  • VoIP & Fax-over-IP transmissions
  • Client and server connections
  • Video and Data Broadcasting & Multicasting
  • Videoconferencing
  • Interactive distance learning (IDL)
  • Remote monitoring (including video transmission)

Advantech Wireless VSAT innovations provide:

  • Always-on, broadband connectivity
  • Cost-effective content distribution and sharing
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reliability and quality of service
  • Single platform solutions
  • Flexibility and scalability

Enterprise & Corporate Technologies Include:

  • Discovery Hub 100
  • Satellite Terminal
  • Microwave

Improve Business Continuity with Smarter Communication Technologies

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