Delivering Innovation, Value and Performance

At Advantech Wireless, we are continuously innovating and designing new solutions to meet the specialized needs of a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on our product development, technical innovation, adaptation and flexibility. From our innovative GaN technology, high power SSPAs and BUCs, broadcast modems, point to point microwave radios and VSAT technologies, our team of expert engineers can deliver a solution to match your business needs. Clients across the commercial, government and military sectors trust Advantech Wireless to deliver solutions they can rely on, in times of need. We believe that no challenge is too difficult to overcome; no cell tower is too far to reach.


Advantech Wireless - Commercial Industry

Global commerce depends on reliable communication. Advantech Wireless makes it possible by designing smarter solutions to help people connect and businesses succeed.

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Critical Infrastructure & Government

Advantech Wireless - Critical Infrastructure and Government Industry

Public safety requires effective information sharing. Advantech Wireless technologies enable government leaders and emergency crews to respond faster and more accurately.

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On the battlefield, reliable and secure communication is essential for mission success. Advantech Wireless designs proven, battle-ready solutions that make the modern warfighter even stronger.

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Discover a Smarter Solution to Your Challenge

Advantech Wireless offers hundreds of highly specialized products that are designed to solve real world challenges, and we also offer complete turnkey ability to develop a customized solution to meet your particular need. View our products to explore your options.